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The people registered for the Bahamas meeting (including some recent cancellations) are listed below. The list may not be up to date and any inacuracies are mine (please send additions or corrections to me; my e-mail address may be found in the Bahamas Meeting Page). I have tried to include all of the names I have (including spouses) and the tail numbers of Skymasters being flown in. When all of the people in each party are not attending the clinics, the number in parenthesis shows how many are attending. For those of you unfamiliar with the meeting, it is being held in Treasure Cay, in the Abacos Islands of The Bahamas, on May 3-5, 2002. The free meeting is being organized by a group of Skymaster owners on a volunteer basis. Roughly half the time will be devoted to social activities and the other half to Skymaster clinics. For more information, please go to the Bahamas Meeting Page.

George Amthor (GMAS) - Sacramento, CA - flying commercial to MIA
Bob Cook & wife (1) - Canada - N or C?
Ernie Martin & wife Inita & daughter* (1) - Miami, FL - N86377
Larry Bowdish & wife Kathryn (1) - Kalamazoo, MI - N37KC
Don Hickman, Steve Cummings & Dave Flynn - Bedford, IN - N4BF
Jeffrey Dodson & Steve Newcomer & wives (2) - Conyers, GA - N37BJ
Jim Valentine & wife Jeanne and Dale Kennedy & wife Elizabeth (2)
Isle of Palms, SC & Fairmont, WV - N60Y
Jim Simms & Peggy Compton - Fulton, MD - N9CX
Alex Lakatos & Diane Conklin (1) - Morristown, NJ - N72086
Jerry DeSantis, Dan Blaski & Terry Hubbel - Battle Creek, MI - N34EC
Kimber Eubanks & wife Carol* (1) - Kansas City, KS - N74S
Sutton Hamilton & wife Carol (1) - Princeton, NJ - N132CM
Kim Geyer & wife Susan (1) - Raleigh, NC - flying commercial
Robert Stein & wife (?) (1) - Punxsutawney, PA - ?
Keven Kenison & wife Allie (1) - Greenville, SC - N5409S
Mel Smith & wife Wanda & 3 kids (1) - Gulf Breeze, FL - N249SS
Brad Holland & Annie Roberts (1) - Freeport, Bahamas - ?
Eustacio "Chachi" Fabrega & 2 other pilots - Panama - HP669

* Recent cancellations: The following people aren't coming: Ernie Martin's wife and daughter, and Kimber Eubanks and his wife.

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