Pilot Is Unconscious
by Ernie Martin

The author has written a document giving a layman directions on how to fly and land his previous Cessna Skymaster, a 1969 337D. The document is kept in his airplane, near the co-pilot, and passengers are informed of its existence.

It tells the reader how to control the aircraft and how to operate the radios to contact Air Traffic Control. It then puts the sudden-pilot through a series of easy maneuvers (climbs, descents, turns, etc.) to prepare him/her for landing. A sketch and detailed instructions are provided for the landing.

Although the document cannot be used as is, and must be modified by you for your model Skymaster, your radios, your area of flight, etc., it does provide a useful starting point. If you would like a copy of the document (it's in Microsoft Word 97 format), please send an e-mail to Ernie Martin which includes the following statement "I agree to use it only as a starting point and to modify it for my specific circumstances, and release you of any liability". Ernie may be reached at .

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