by Ernie Martin

The main "BolaBeach" page contains many details and pictures of our beach house in Great Harbour Cay and should be seen first. This page provides additional information -- e.g., it has washer and dryer, generator, backup refrigerator, separate freezer, etc. -- principally for when our friends use the house.

The property consists of two "flagpole" beachfront lots, with a total size of 1.32 acres, offering lots of privacy.

The house is over 2,200 square feet (see floor plan). Because the first floor is 15 feet above mean sea level and because of its design and construction, it should withstand the strongest hurricane ever measured and twice the worst-case sea-level rise forecast for this century due to global warming (details here).

The house is fully air conditioned, has a washer and dryer, a backup refrigerator/freezer, a separate freezer and DirecTV. It is equipped with a 6000-watt portable standby generator that can connect to all of the house; although the "loads" need to be be managed, there's enough power for the refrigerator, microwave oven, master bedroom portable air conditioner, lights, fans and television.

There is ample storage, with many closets -- 11 feet of pantry in the kitchen and an additional 11 feet in the rear hall -- plus a separate storage room. The shed has shelves and was built to house lawn equipment, a dinghy, 2 outboard motors, paint, etc.