Ernesto ("Ernie") racing in Nevada (after a 60-year racing hiatus) and in the Grand Canyon with Maggie - September 2023

Ernie & Maggie heading to an April 2023 wedding in Cartagena; Ernie at the Aug 2022
burial of Carlos Deupi in Puerto Rico; Ernie & Maggie at a Jan 2022 wedding

Ernie is back to his youth, when he was modifying/racing cars (see trophies). After owning a 2020 mid-engine
Corvette for 2 years, he now owns a 2023 Z51 Corvette and an all-electric 2021 Porsche Taycan.

Maggie in Georgetown,
Washington DC - 2020
Charlie, Ernie and Lauren Skiing in Utah
See skiing pics & videos from 2022 back over 50 years

With Emma, our first grandchild

Maggie & Ernie in Valencia - October 2021 and in NYC - December 2015
See Maggie at Venice's Piazza San Marco in May 2016, and Maggie and Ernie circa 2017

In 2014 Ernie had to ditch his Skymaster; see print news and video news.
See Ernie's Skymaster Website (after 22 years he gave up flying in 2021).

At our beach house in Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas (see house pics)
and jumping into the Blue Hole in nearby Hoffman's Cay - July 2012

Watch Charlie's May 2009 graduation from the Fire Academy (5 minutes)
and see him in a pic joining the Miami Beach Fire Department (April 2011)

Watch Ernie's interview at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on on a consulting gig

Ernesto & Charlie at Havana's Bodeguita del Medio - Nov. 2008
Also Varadero & Vinales; See Charlie riding a "Buey" and us on horseback

Lauren - Christmas 2001

See a 2000 pic of Charlie & Lauren

See Charlie in his 9-year job as a forest firefighter in Idaho
(Hotshot crew and helicopter rappelling)

Charlie's College Graduation (June '99)

See a wonderful picture of Lauren at age 5 and a video of her at age 3

Charlie and Lauren fishing off our dock in 1996

See Charlie as a kid in McLean, Virginia, and other pictures of Ernie through the years

BORING STUFF: Ernie the Aerospace Engineer

After emigrating from Cuba in 1960, Ernie worked
for 5 years modifying & racing cars. After his BS in
engineering, he got an MS from Caltech. Then he
worked 20 years for the  world's  largest  satellite
firm, first in propulsion research
& finally as VicePresident of Projects (see Résumé).
He's with a satellite in this photo, & here is his last
published paper. He then spent 10 years running 2
jet-engine companies & in 1998  they were sold to
Sweden's #2 firm. At 55 he retired, bought a plane
he flew for 22 years, traveled & enjoyed his family.

See a 2009 Hall of Fame Award given to Ernesto for his football career
in the late 1950s. Newspaper clippings heralding his performance
at football games may be found here and here.

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